Hi-Res Replacement Ink SI-PZ1000

Hi-Res Replacement Ink SI-PZ1000

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Piezo Printer & Hi-Res Systems

Our hi-res replacement ink containers are hassle free and come ready to install. Our inks are complemental with the most common printing systems, and are packaged in compatible, direct replacement containers. Our hi-res inks are fully compatible hi-res and piezo printers manufactured by the leading brands around the world. Enjoy our easy "PLUG and PRINT" containers making instillation easy without the need of adapters, fittings, or add-ons. Best of all there's NO FLUSHING needed - just replace the ink container and get back to printing.

Refill your OEM Ink with a comparable more affordable solution!

What is Piezo or Hi-Res Ink?
A piezo inkjet printer is a type of inkjet printer that uses printer heads containing special crystals to which an electric current is applied. This causes the crystals to expand, forcing ink onto a substrate. When the current is removed, the crystal shrinks again, drawing up ink into the printer head.

SKU: SI-PZ1000-1000D

Volume: 1 liter cartridge
Type: Oil-based piezo ink
Color: Black
Condition: New
Dry Time: Immediate dry time on porous surfaces

Quantity: 4 cartridges per case

Drop in replacement for Alpha-Dot printing systems

  • 100% compatible with existing oil-based hi-res inks; no flushing required
  • Dark print facilitates bar code scannability, small character printing, and crisp, clean -graphics
  • Filtered to .2 microns absolute
  • Competitively priced as cost-effective alternative
  • Additional colors available upon request
OEM OEM Ink Number Squid Ink Replacement
Alpha-Dot BKS/MRP SI-PZ1000
Diagraph PEL SI-HR70
Diagraph V-300 SI-HR70
Diagraph V-400 SI-HR70
Diagraph ScanTrue II SI-HR80ST
Domino 1L-901-BKS SI-PZ1000
Fasco Piezo Ink SI-PZ1000
Foxjet ScanTrue II SI-HR80ST
Foxjet AlphaMark SI-HR80
Foxjet Versaprint Series 7 Ink SI-HR70
HS Automatic IK-820 SI-PZ1000
Imaje INOK-90019-GC SI-PZ1000
Imaje INSK-80324 SI-PZPVC10
Imaje INSW-80364 SI-PZPVC10
Imaje INSF-30003 SI-PVC43
Matthews IPJ-0506 SI-HR70
Matthews ScanTrue II SI-HR80ST
Sauven CJ6201-X SI-PZ3000
Sauven CJ6208-S SI-PZ3043
Videojet/Marsh 20-S1000 SI-HR70
Videojet/Marsh AD1 SI-HR70
Videojet/Marsh 29728 (Crossbow) SI-HR2000
Videojet/Marsh 31684 (Crossbow) SI-HR2000
Videojet/Marsh Series 2000 SI-HR2000

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