Squid Ink PZ Fluids

    It sounds like you're describing Squid Ink's oil-based inks, particularly the SI-PZ1000 variant. These inks are designed for use on absorbent surfaces, including corrugated cases, kraft paper, wood products, fiber, fabrics, and more. Here are some key points about these inks:

    1. Fast-Drying: Squid Ink's oil-based inks are formulated for fast-drying, ensuring that your marks and barcodes will be ready quickly, even on porous surfaces.

    2. Ideal for Dark Black Marks: SI-PZ1000 is specifically recommended for producing dark black marks. This is crucial for ensuring the clarity and legibility of printed information, including barcodes.

    3. Scannable Barcodes: These inks are suitable for printing scannable barcodes, which is essential in various industries for tracking and inventory management.

    4. Immediate Dry Time: On most corrugated surfaces, the dry time is immediate, which can be advantageous for production efficiency.

    5. Packaging Options: The inks are available in 200ml cartridges and 400ml cans. They are typically packaged six per case. If you wish to order less than a full case quantity, there may be a $20.00 upcharge per cartridge.

    Overall, Squid Ink's oil-based inks, particularly SI-PZ1000, seem to be tailored for businesses and industries that require high-quality, fast-drying, and dark black marks on absorbent surfaces. They are suitable for various applications, including packaging, printing on paper, wood, textiles, and more.