Squid Ink SI-PZ1060-500C CoPilot Ink

Squid Ink SI-PZ1060-500C CoPilot Ink

Compatible with: AutoPilot, Squid Ink Copilot
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    • SI-PZ1000 family of oil-based inks for porous surfaces
    • Manufacturer: Squid Ink
    • Product Number: 2101162
    • Type: Oil Based
    • Volume: 1 Cartidge 500ML
    • Color: black
    • Quantity: 1 Cartridge 
    • Replacement: Copilot 
    • 100% compatible with existing oil-based hi-res inks
    • Dark print facilitates bar code scannability, small character printing, and crisp, clean -graphics
    • Competitively priced as a cost-effective alternative
    • Additional colors available upon request

    CoPilot Printers

    • Reduced maintenance: Self-cleaning inks minimize printhead clogs and extend valve life.
    • Precise printing: DOD inks ensure consistent dot patterns and minimal bleed-through.
    • Unsurpassed purity: 9-stage filtration to 3 microns (vs. industry average of 10!) eliminates clogs.
    • 100% usable ink: No sediment, residue, or sludge to waste – every drop performs.
    • Effortless switching: No flushing required, simply replace and keep printing.
    • Fast fulfillment: Orders shipped within 48 hours.

    Backed by 25 years of manufacturing and packaging expertise, Squid Ink is your trusted partner for superior printing results. Experience the difference – Choose Squid Ink today!