Squid Ink SI-PZ1000-200C

Squid Ink SI-PZ1000-200C

Compatible with: AutoPilot, Squid Ink Copilot

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Squid Ink’S SI-PZ1000 oil-based ink contains pigments that dry quickly on porous surfaces. They can be used to print barcodes and dark black marks on corrugated cases, wood products, fiber, and fabrics. Ideal for printing dark black marks on absorbent surfaces.

Fast drying time means no waiting around for ink to dry. We offer 200 ml cartridges and 500 ml cartridges. The PZ-1000-200C delivers outstanding performance for porous substrates, eliminating the need for priming functions and offering better print quality than competitive products.

When used with the Squid Ink AutoPilot Printing system, your printer will withstand the most demanding industrial settings while delivering high-quality prints.

Manufacturer: Squid Ink

Product Number: 2101135

Type: Oil Based Ink

Volume: 200 ml cartridge

Color: black

Quantity: 6 cartridges per case

  • 100% compatible with existing oil-based hi-res inks; no flushing required
  • Dark print facilitates bar code scannability, small character printing, and crisp, clean -graphics
  • Filtered to .2 microns absolute
  • Competitively priced as a cost-effective alternative
  • Additional colors available upon request
  1. Squid Ink's premium Hi-Res and Piezo replacement fluids deliver unmatched clarity and precision for your inkjet printer.
  2. We offer a cost-effective alternative without compromising quality. Our Hi-Res and Piezo replacement fluids deliver stunning results at a fraction of the price. We pride ourselves on the industry's most comprehensive compatibility, ensuring you find the perfect match for your printer. Say goodbye to exorbitant ink costs and hello to vibrant, durable prints with Squid Ink.

Oil-Based Ink 100% Compatible!

  • Squid Ink Copilot
  • AutoPilot

Elevate your production with Squid Ink, the industry leader in high-performance replacement inks. Our OEM-exceeding formulations boast the finest resins and dyes, delivering flawless, vibrant prints on every run. Experience the benefits of:

  • Reduced maintenance: Self-cleaning inks minimize printhead clogs and extend valve life.
  • Precise printing: DOD inks ensure consistent dot patterns and minimal bleed-through.
  • Unsurpassed purity: 9-stage filtration to 3 microns (vs. industry average of 10!) eliminates clogs.
  • 100% usable ink: No sediment, residue, or sludge to waste – every drop performs.
  • Effortless switching: No flushing required, simply replace and keep printing.
  • Fast fulfillment: Orders shipped within 48 hours.

Backed by 25 years of manufacturing and packaging expertise, Squid Ink is your trusted partner for superior printing results. Experience the difference – Choose Squid Ink today!