SI-60-P Squid Ink Replaceable Fluid

SI-60-P Squid Ink Replaceable Fluid

Compatible with Marsh®, Videojet®, Diagraph®, Matthews®, Loveshaw®, Limak
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Plug and Print With 100% Compatible Replacement Inks!

Elevate Your Printing with Squid Ink SI-60-P Water-Based Ink (1 Pail, 5 Gallon) - Ideal for Achieving Sharp and Consistent Black Prints!

This high-quality ink is meticulously formulated to provide sharp and consistent black prints, making it suitable for a wide range of printing applications and the most common industrial printers on the market today.

Squid Ink is a water-based DOD large character replacement ink for use in industrial printers manufactured by Marsh®, Videojet®, Diagraph®, Matthews®, Loveshaw®, and others. Customers using Squid Ink DOD fluids often experience longer machine life, less downtime, and lower maintenance costs than when they use competitive products.

  1. Sharp Black Brilliance: Achieve exceptional black prints that make your labels, packaging, and documents stand out with clarity.
  2. Generous Pail Size: The 5-gallon pail ensures you have an ample supply of ink for your printing needs, reducing the frequency of refills.

Water-Based Ink 100% Compatible!

  • VideoJet & Marsh -> IJ-P-BK
  • Diagraph -> TWP-1
  • Limak -> WTRBS Black
  • Loveshaw -> CPA275 BK
  • Mathews -> AlphaMark

Unleash Superior Printing with Squid Ink: Industry-Leading Quality You Can Trust

Elevate your production with Squid Ink, the industry leader in high-performance replacement inks. Our OEM-exceeding formulations boast the finest resins and dyes, delivering flawless, vibrant prints on every run. Experience the benefits of:

  • Reduced maintenance: Self-cleaning inks minimize printhead clogs and extend valve life.
  • Precise printing: DOD inks ensure consistent dot patterns and minimal bleed-through.
  • Unsurpassed purity: 9-stage filtration to 3 microns (vs. industry average of 10!) eliminates clogs.
  • 100% usable ink: No sediment, residue, or sludge to waste – every drop performs.
  • Effortless switching: No flushing required, simply replace and keep printing.
  • Fast fulfillment: Orders shipped within 48 hours.

Backed by 25 years of manufacturing and packaging expertise, Squid Ink is your trusted partner for superior printing results. Experience the difference – Choose Squid Ink today!