Lincoln Laser: High-speed laser printing

Lincoln Laser: High-speed laser printing

Lincoln Laser, in association with SPI Lasers UK Ltd., offered a live demonstration of a MOPA laser working in tandem with a high speed Polygon scan head at Laser World of Photonics in Munich.

The demonstration scanned in attendee’s business cards and then laser printed the complete image onto a plastic luggage tag in under one second.

The SPI MOPA laser, a red ENERGY G4 Pulsed Fiber Laser, provides 200 watts of power with a pulse repetition frequency of 4 MHz allowing for extremely high speed marking and area processing with high fill ratios.

The Lincoln Laser high-speed Polygon scan head, POLYtek™, provides ultra-fast line scan rates up to 300 meters per second using a multi-faceted polygon mirror and high performance long life motor.

This combination allows CPG manufacturers, packaging and printing suppliers to print in line and on demand 1D barcodes and/or 2D QR codes along with text in under 0.2 seconds, without any consumables.

The total investment in the complete system including operating software is under $60k USD.